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Show Training and Conditioning

Training and conditioning programs are tailored to meet your horse's specific needs.

Show horses are athletes and must be both mentally and physically tuned in order to perform to the best of their capability. We strive for horses to enjoy their job, as happy horses perform the best.

We also offer conditioning for retired horses, horses in between seasons, or for horses that just need regular exercise. Horses in conditioning are treated to daily brushing and maintenance, in addition to exercise.

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Young Horses

Get your young horse off to the right start. We offer care for foaling mares and halter breaking babies. Offering gentle handling from the start allows foals to accept and enjoy daily handling and company from humans, as well reducing the stress on  the foal as they mature. 

Grace normally breeds for one or two baby horses every other year and has found early handling reduces the stress on both foal and handler tremendously. 

We are conveniently located and have strong relationships with vets located within a 30 mile radius to assist with any foaling needs. 


Horse Behavior Training

Grace has a strong background working with high strung and sensitive horses. With patience and a quiet, confident touch, Grace has helped many horses find trust and understanding in their job. 

There can be many reasons why horses have developed behavioral issues or undesirable tendencies. Most can be attributed to confusion, fear, or pain. 


Creating a solid foundation of understanding and respect is crucial to the human and horse relationship.


Partnering with other equine professionals that includes veterinarians, chiropractors, farriers,  saddle/bit fitters, and body work specialists, we  identify, treat, and eliminate potential sources of pain. 

Aspire Performance Horses

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